IntisTele and a profitable mobile SMS service provider

17.01.2021 / 18:13

To increase profits and expand the capabilities of the company, it is enough to use mass mailings for business. This service has already established itself in the market and is in demand.

Every organization dreams of being known to as many potential customers as possible. And this is not surprising, because this approach to business makes it possible to expand the company's capabilities and increase trade turnover. In this case, mass mailing has a positive effect on business. Nowadays SMS messaging is very popular among retailers and service providers.

Ошибки при SMS-рассылках

This unobtrusive advertising has become quite familiar to the population of any country. Information presented in a concise, understandable form gives the consumer the opportunity to quickly and briefly familiarize themselves with the offer anywhere and at any time, practically without distracting from their affairs.

IntisTele has created a unique, stable and powerful SMS messaging software. In the course of work, a direct connection to mobile operators is used. Mobile SMS service provider is a reliable assistants in any business.

Features of the extended SMS platform

You can optimize your business using the unique software from IntisTele. The platform's capabilities are very large, it helps to find a stable solution for interacting with SMS traffic providers, as well as improving costs and quality of service.

The advantages of the extended SMS platform include:

  • Optimal scalability. Up to 1 billion messages can be sent every month, that is, 10,000 messages per second. SMPP and HTTP connections are available.
  • Traffic routing is fully regulated. Depending on the delivery speed, you can make precise route settings.
  • It is possible to make an accurate cost analysis. The best value for any class of quality and speed.
  • Improved billing. Customers will be notified in time about the cost of traffic. You can also view jumps in currency rates in real time.


Features of the SMS gateway

IntisTele offers businessmen an easy and powerful SMS gateway software. This will help you create and manage advertising campaigns. This means that customers can:

Quickly create advertising mailings via the Internet without additional software. It's enough just to register on the resource, upload contacts and set tasks.

For automatic SMS sending, you can connect specific software directly from the portal or services.

Attract new customers using a dedicated database.

With IntisTele you'll launch mailings in a very short time!